With Mikari you can reach
all numbers over the world
With Mikari you can you call other Mikari users for free!
Call and pay wholesale prices!
You can receive calling credits
in a other currency.
Shopping, Transfer,
Play credit for gambling
and calling

How Do You Call With Mikari?

Because we have a worldwide service, you should always call with the country code.
So you want to call someone in Suriname, then you should dial:
597 8554376
If you want to call someone in the Netherlands, you should dial:
31 643204923.

The plus sign is optional.

How Do You Call With Mikari?

You probably already have WhatsApp installed.
Then you know that you can talk to other users for free.

That is also the case with Mikari, but more with us!

With Mikari it is not necessary for the person you wish to call
is online or has a Mikari app.

With Mikari you can call all telephone numbers worldwide.

There is a fee for this, but they are very affordable.

How Do You Call For Free?

Call another Mikari user for free

Assume you want to call a friend who is also connected to Mikari.
Just dial a 0 and then the number.
Example: I want to call my friend Jurino in Curacao.
Dial 059994571342.

If you get a busy signal, you can call Jurino and dial his numer without a 0.
It’s still for the best rate.

What Does It Cost To Call With Mikari

Because we offer you the wholesale rates, the rates may fluctuate. We want to offer you the best rates.
In our list of rates, we give you an overview of the 10 most popular destinations.
If you don’t see the country, you can chat with us or call our local number for free with your Mikari app. In Suriname, our toll-free number is 8008008.

Help With Activation

Before you activate check the following list:
1. Do you know your telephone number.
2. Is the sim card of the number you want to use on your device.

Now press the “Activate Now” button
You will have a choice in what currency you want to use to call and top-up your account.
This is also useful if you regularly receive money from abroad.
Suppose you receive US$, then you also want to receive US$. You then choose US$.
If you choose SRD and you receive US$, this will be automatically exchanged
for SRD.

If you need more information, call us for free via Mikari on 8008008.
Or send an email to

The rest of the activation is simple and almost automatic. When the activation is ready, you will receive an SMS containing your username and password.

I Want To Buy Calling Credits

You can buy calling credits from your mobile or PC via the Top-Up circle.
You can pay with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, and Ideal.
In some countries have we have local agents.
You can purchase calling cards or buy eTop Up from the local agents.

Mikari has just opened in Suriname.
Within a few weeks, our site will indicate where you can go.
In this month of July you can contact:
Quality Ink & Toners NV
Fajalobi Street 11

For more info, you can call 8008008 free of charge with the Mikari App,
or chat with us through our chat button on our site.

How To Activate Your Number

After closing this pop-up click the Activate now Button.

And enjoy the magic of Mikari
Just follow the steps,
At the end just enter to confirm.

That’s easy!

Step 1

Fill in the form and press activate

Step 2

After step 1 you will receive a text message. We are sending you an verification code. Please enter this code (zet een rode pijl)and press send.
If you did not received an code please press RESEND CODE

Step 3

Within a minute you are calling with Mikari.
You will receive free bonus minutes.