Mikari is a telecom company that offers the possibility to call each other for free and cheaper internationally.

Mikari can be compared with WhatsApp. The difference is that you can call WhatsApp customers with WhatsApp, while with Mikari you can not only call Mikari customers but also people who are not Mikari customers.

First, you will need to open the Mikari App. If you want to make a call. You need to type the country code first and then the number. For example, if 597 is the country code en 8123456 is the number, you will need to type 5978123456. 

Mikari has ensured that you can quickly and easily download the app by following a few simple steps. Go to the site https://register.mikari.sr/register. Complete the registration. At the end of the registration, you will receive a link to the download page Appstore or play store. After that, download the app and the rest will be filled in automatically in the app.

You can top up your Mikari account in various ways. You choose to top up in cash at a Chinese store or via the site by going to the link https://topup.mikari.sr/. (here u can top-up with PayPal and I-Deal). You can chat with chat help or call our toll-free number with the Mikari app. Our toll-free number is 8008008

The rates of the top 10 countries can be viewed on our website www.mikari.world/calling/ in the circle for rates. For the rates of the other countries please feel free to contact us by calling our toll-free number,8008008, with the Mikari app or you can chat via chat help.

Mi Kari is a Surinamese word and when literally translated it means “I’m calling”. On the street it means “My Phone”.